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2019 / 2019

Cities to visit: Athens; Corinth; Epidaurus; Nafplion; Olympia; ; Trani; Naples; Rome; Florence; Pisa, Tuscany; Rapallo; Montecarlo; Costa Azul; Avignon; Barcelona; Madrid

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Dear Traveler: thank you for choosing us to perform this Tour! We hope you enjoy your trip.

Here we give you a guidance on their tour with the information that we believe may be of your interest. The information is indicative, may exist variations on designated hours.

TRANSFER from the airport, if you have it included or purchasing. Our transfer will be waiting for you with a poster on behalf of Europamundo or its name to the output of the custom (after collecting your luggage)..

Remember to inform us by phone if you lost your connection flight or expected delay of their arrival, in your VOUCHER figure the phone of the transfer.

IMPORTANT: If you had additional nights upon arrival the hotel will have your reservation, but his travel guide normally will not be until the night before the start of the tour.


Traslado al hotel. 
 Al final de la tarde traslado incluido a el barrio de Plaka, zona llena de ambiente y de pequeños restaurantes. Le sugerimos una cena con espectáculo de folclore Griego.

We include a  sightseeing tours of Athens ; we will visit the new town, Panathinaikos Stadium and the Acropolis. 

Total distance covered: 350 km.
Scenery: Very beautiful countryside in the Epidaurus area with the sea in the background. Mountains of the Peloponnese interior.  
08:00 hrs  Athens -Departure. The timings for this stage of the journey may change in October to take advantage of the sunlight.  
09:45 hrs – Corinth Canal  Brief stop to take photos of this age-old structure. We follow the coast. Spectacular landscapes take us into Epidaurus.  
10:45 hrs Epidaurus. - We visit this superb Greco-Roman theatre, which is set in exquisite surroundings (admission to the site is not included).  
12:00 hrs  Epidaurus- Departure.  
13:00 hrs Nafplio –Arrival - City dedicated to fishing. Historic centre with whitewashed streets and views over the sea. Its castle dominates the surroundings. Time to explore and have lunch.  
16:00 hrs  Nafplio –Departure.   
19:45 hrs Olympia  – Arrival, evening meal and accommodation.

Total distance covered: 375 km.
Note: This evening involves an overnight journey. We recommend that you pack a small travel bag containing the items that you will need for the crossing. The suitcases will remain in the luggage compartment of the coach. Please have your passport to hand as it is often requested for embarkation. 
Visit the archaeological site of Olympia In the company of a local guide. You will be able to visit the museum and archaeological site (guided visit; entry ticket to the complex is not included), which was the cradle of the Olympic Games in ancient times. 

12.30hrs Leaving Olimpia, we continue along the route to Patras .
14.00hrs Patras . Arrival to the third largest city in Greece. There is time to wander through its lively centre, full of commercial activity and have lunch. 

15.30hrsDeparture. We take a beautiful suspension bridge over the Gulf of Corinth and travel to the north of Greece. Pleasant landscapes on our route.-
17.15 hrs Amfilochia- short stop in this coastal city.

18.15 hrs. Amfilochia. Departure.
19.15 hrs Arta-  short stop to see the Roman bridge of the city of Epirus.

19.45 hrs. Arta. Departure.
21.15 hrs. Igumenitsa . Arrival, free time for dinner before boarding our ferry. Accommodation in double interior cabins with private bathroom. Remember, breakfast is not included during the trip.

Note :The ferry used, which is the only one available, leaves at one in the morning, but boarding is not usually possible until after midnight. Sometimes due to late arrival, the ferry might be delayed. It is a simple ferry (double cabins with private bathroom). Occasionally, due to weather conditions, vessel inspection or shedule changes, strikes, fully booked ferryboats or other reasons, we are forced to adapt the schedules of the following day itinerary according to the berthing time of the ship or fly from Athens to Rome, in which case the visits to Amfilochia and Arta are cancelled and a Sunday visit to Naples and Pompeii is included.

Total distance covered: 530 km.
Early morning arrival in Brindisi or Bari.  
08:30 hrs (approximately, depending on the disembarkation time) Brindisi (or Bari)– Departure. We are now in the south of Italy, in the region of Puglia.  
10:00 hrs Trani  –Arrival-. Small, picturesque city on the seashore, with its fishing port, its ancient cathedral and streets that teem with life. Time to wander round.   
12:00 hrs  Trani –Departure-. We cross the south of Italy through the Apennines. Stop en route to have lunch.  
15:30 hrs  Naples –Arrival. Time for a coffee and a walk round the capital of southern Italy. 
17:30 hrs  Naples –Departure. We travel back to Rome.  
20:15 hrs –Rome  –Arrival.

Día libre en Roma Hoy tiene el día libre en la ciudad de Roma. Nuestro guía propondrá a los pasajeros interesados una excursión opcional a Nápoles y Capri.

Distancia total recorrida: 340 km.
Paisajes: Agradables paisajes, poblaciones históricas en el recorrido, colgadas sobre las colinas de los Apeninos.  
08:00 hrs. Roma Salida. 
12:15 hrs. Florencia Llegada.  Tarde libre. Si lo desea podrá realizar opcionalmente visita con guía local.

Distancia total realizada: 450 km.
Paisajes: Hermosas vistas sobre el Mediterráneo. 
08:00 hrs. Florencia salida. 
09:15 hrs. Pisa llegada. Nuestro guía orienta sobre el recinto monumental. Nuestro autocar tiene que aparcar en el lugar dispuesto para ello por el Ayuntamiento (tendrá que tomar un autobús urbano o paseo a pie hasta área monumental). 
11:00 hrs. Pisa salida. Seguimos por el mediterráneo pasando junto a montañas blancas de mármol (zona de Carrara). Salimos de la autopista por la zona de la Riviera Ligur, uno de los lugares más hermosos del Mediterráneo. 
12:30 hrs. Sestri Levante . Bonita ciudad costera llena de vida, sugerimos un paseo por su puerto deportivo y su activo centro. Tiempo para almorzar. 
15:00 hrs. Santa Margarita de Ligur salida. -Seguimos la Riviera entre espectaculares paisajes marítimos. 
18:00 hrs. Montecarlo. Tiempo para pasear en esta zona llena de glamour , podrá si lo desea entrar a conocer su famoso casino (recuerde llevar su pasaporte a mano).  
19:15 hrs. Montecarlo -salida. Seguimos la cornisa media hacia la costa azul. 
20:00 hrs. Costa Azul Llegada.

Distancia total realizada: 640 km.
Por la mañana a las 08:00 hrs. se inicia la visita de aproximadamente dos horas con nuestro guía o guía local. Esta visita incluye monumento a Colón, Plaza de Cataluña, Paseo de Gracia, Diagonal, Sagrada Familia. En la Sagrada Familia se efectúa parada de unos minutos para ver este monumento con tranquilidad. También se conoce Montjuich con instalaciones olímpicas, Plaza de España. Se finaliza la visita en la zona de Ramblas para que los participantes caminen por el centro históricobarrio gótico. Tiempo libre.
13:00 hrs. Barcelona Salida -Viaje hacia Aragón y Castilla. Parada en área de servicio para almorzar. 21:00 hrs. Madrid. Llegada.

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